Truth and Heresy

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Gillespie, George
Presbyterian Heritage Publications
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Truth & Heresy: On Being Steadfast in the Truth

A Re-publication of Questions 9, 10, and 11 from Gillespie's "Miscellany Questions"

  • Of Stability and Firmness in the Truth
  • What is Meant in Scripture by the Word "Heresies," and How we are to Understand that There must be Heresies, for making manifest the Godly Party, or those that are approved, 1 Cor. 11:19
  • Of New Lights, and How to Keep Off from Splitting Either upon the Charybdis of Pertinacity and Tenaciousness, or upon the Scylla of Levity, Wavering, and Skepticism

By George Gillespie, Second-Reformation Reformer.

Published by Presbyterian Heritage Publications, 1989.

Saddle-Stitch Paper Booklet, 36pp.