Political Dissent: Responding to an Unlawful Constitution of Government

Posted by Jeremy Kerr on May 5th 2021

Where do you draw the line, and what do you do when you find that the community or nation you live among has organized itself on a foundation that is in defiance of the Almighty and Holy God, and acts like it too?

Is there nothing you can do?  Don't answer that too quickly: It's important that we not overestimate our abilities with a vain dependence upon ourselves, and also important that we not dismiss a problem as unsolvable, just because we can't solve it alone.  If you are part of a community, and its rebellion provokes the wrath of a Holy God, it will be important for you to take every step you can in His service, and not involve yourself in a capitulation with the enemy that looks like indifference, and a betrayal of the one you profess to serve.  (Matthew 12:30.)

One of the most important steps to take in this matter is to learn what God's standards are, and where your nation's fundamental failure began.  Just as in the salvation of individual sinners, if we have the wrong assessment of the source of our problem, or merely try to treat symptoms, all our effort will tend to little more than self-deception.  Our best success will only be to make things look better, while the cancer spreads further.

That's why, several years ago in 2008, we re-published the Testimony Against the Moral Evils in the Civil Institutions of the United States, first circulated by the Reformed Presbyterian Church in North America (RPCNA) in 1839.  We are convinced this is one of the most important matters for believing Christians to come to a better understanding about, especially in the days in which we live.

For those who have already read the above treatment, or who would prefer to have a more summary explanation of these matters by Question & Answer, another resource was recently published online:

On the Right and Duty of Dissent from an Immoral Constitution of Civil Government by William Roberts, published in 1853.

If you've been frustrated by the works of darkness prevailing in your nation, and what seems to be a very passive, defeatist, or even indifferent response that is encouraged by many leaders and churches today who profess to be burdened with the disorder around us, don't remain in the dark about the real causes of the long and steady downhill courses of post-Reformation nations.  There is something to learn, and something to do.

"Be ye therefore ready also: for the Son of man cometh at an hour when ye think not." --- Luke 12:40.