Some Notes from Luther's Bondage of the Will

Posted by Jeremy Kerr on Jul 30th 2021

One of the religious books I first read as a young Christian is also one of the books I most recommend to my fellow believers.  That book is Martin Luther's Bondage of the Will, first publi … read more

The Mean of Salvation

Posted by Jeremy Kerr on May 30th 2021

In a sermon on Titus 3:4-7, John Calvin, Swiss Reformer of the 1500s, comments about how this passage teaches us both concerning the wellspring of our salvation, and the mean of our salvation, directi … read more

Newest Title! --- The True Covenanter's Primer

Posted by Jeremy Kerr on Feb 19th 2021

The True Covenanter's Primer was published at the end of 2020 and is available as of January 2021. This title consists of several items on the topic of Personal Covenanting and private vows."My Lord … read more